Legal fees

Attorney’s legal fees are governed mainly by Act No. 85/1996 Coll., on the Legal Profession, as amended and the Regulation of Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll., on Fees and Remuneration of Attorneys for the Provision of Legal Services (the Attorney’s Tariff), as amended.

According to the above mentioned legislation an attorney is entitled to remuneration agreed in the contract with a client. Where such remuneration is not agreed, the attorney is entitled to remuneration pursuant to the Attorney’s Tariff.

According to the agreement with the client it is possible to choose one of the following remuneration options:

  • Hourly fee – The amount of an hourly fee depends on the complexity of the particular case. If the client chooses the hourly fee, a statement of performed acts in the case and efficiently spent time is enclosed in the legal fees statement.
  • Monthly lump-sum fee – The law firm offers services to its clients, defined in advance, for a monthly lump-sum fee. This amount is then adjusted in accordance with the amount of legal services actually provided in the preceding period.
  • Fixed fee – The client is charged with a fixed fee, agreed in advance, for a specified amount of legal services, also agreed in advance. The amount of the fixed fee is based on complexity of the case and an expected amount of time necessary for its solution.